adasadventures asked: your arts are so great! seeing them on my dash made me all happy and now i wanna go make some arts myself. thanks for posting your draws online where i could see them. i'm glad i followed you.

thank you so much!! yes go make all the art you can do it! “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Also here is the file w/o the blinking television light.


Due to the Derezzed music video, I have the wonderful headcanon that Guy is horrible at video games and Thomas always beats him ((unless Thomas let’s him win))

garnet throwing shade while wearing shades


art trade with Olivia B) she wanted som TRON PUNX after that explosion in the movie

it looks like thomas is about to slice some vital wires or something off guymans back but dont worry he isnt, he knows what hes doing hopefully,

HOPEFULLY !!!!! 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。



makes a new commission post… i am opening rlly fast 10 buck commissions bc i need some $$ before summer 

ill only draw things that are sfw and i guess i could draw mild gore

im only opening 5 slots and may open more later!! send me a tumblr message/email if youre interested

my paypal/email is

here is my other commission post if you are interested  in a different kind of style ?!?!

3 slots left :o

pls go and support this super cool artist!!

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