aye guys! I redid my commission post so it was more up to date. 

Ok, as always I will only be holding a few slots at a time. First come first serve. 

please contact me through email

please attatch refs for characters!! paypal is

I will draw anything other than anything nsfw and gore. 

please note that i am still a high school student and my schedule is pretty tight, so I may not be able to finish your piece with the snap of my fingers! I also do my best to invest time in them! Especially since I will be getting money from these commissions. 


-4 for sketches, (0/4 taken)

-3 for simp. color (3/3 taken)

-3 for semi paint (0/3 taken)

-1 for painting (1/1 taken)

-4 for pixels (0/4 taken)

Note: additional background (other than like the ones in the samples)are +1/3 of the total cost of the painting.

ALSO! Please include the 3% transaction fee! or else i get 3% less than the set prices.

Sorry for the long post, thanks guys.

please support this amazing artist!! : >

epitome-of-whimsicality replied to your post: oh yeah before i forget, could i get s…

have you listened to pogo’s remixes? i personally really like his disney collection, but idk about you

nope i’ve never listened to them!

catfishcafe asked: music: florence and the machine (shake it out), marina and the diamonds (oh no!, obsessions), utada hikaru (anything off Heart Station), meg & dia (monster, kiss you goodnight). Books: Anathem by Neal Stephenson (REALLY GOOD sci-fi), Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (sci-fi/fantasy). Hope those help :D

ah yes they do. and i love sci-fi books ty so much!! 

oh yeah before i forget, could i get some good book/music recommendations pls?

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